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March 2016

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CrossReach On ‘Good Morning Scotland’

A warm reception at Parliament

A “thank you” from  CEO, Peter Bailey

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This is the very first edition of what we intend to be a bi-monthly publication to
bring you right up to date with all that is happening at CrossReach. 

Using the immediacy which email affords, each issue will feature recent news items of
particular interest which you will be able to read, listen to and watch with just one click on a link such as this one.

For those of you who were listening to BBC Radio Scotland early last Wednesday
morning, you may have heard CrossReach’s Jacqui Lindsay being interviewed by
Hayley Millar on ‘Good Morning Scotland’. 
Manager of CrossReach Counselling Lothian, Jacqui was responding to a new study
from the World Health Organisation drawing attention to the steep rise in the
number of young persons in the UK prescribed anti-depressants. 

You can read our account of the interview here and ‘listen again’ to Jacqui herself any time in the next 20 days (till 6th April 2016) here
(fast forward to 01:13:49). 

On 25th February, the Moderator, the Right Rev Dr Angus Morrison hosted a reception for CrossReach at the Parliament which was attended by several MSPs and researchers.
Speaking at the event, Dave Johnson, MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch said:

“If we were to lose bodies like CrossReach then the whole care function would
suddenly be in major crisis because the government would not be able to fill
that gap.  The more that we talk about what is done by bodies like CrossReach,
the better because they make a huge contribution to life in Scotland.” 

Dr Morrison agreed, describing CrossReach in his address as an “amazing” organisation.
“It is surely one of the best kept secrets in the country, an incredible movement of people providing high quality care in every part of Scotland and in every part of society.”

And finally..,...your CEO Peter Bailey would like to thank you for your support. 

Watch and listen here.

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